WA - Blue Thinking ( Numen Records, 2019)

Blue Thinking is the new album by the band called WA ( Paolo Palazzoli and Roberto Cosimi), which is scheduled for release on September 30th 2019 for the independent record label Numen Records. The "blue thoughts" of WA tells of the cosmic vision that contemplates the music language in its highest and most universal meaning, fusing the electronic music with the trip hop, dance and pop-rock sounds; all linked by an invisible concept of harmony and peace.

The 12 Songs speak about an unconditional love for life to which we should give thanks for every day (Blue Thinking).

Some songs on the album are a nice mix of acoustic and electronic sounds; other are orientated to the dance arena , hypnotic and distorted rocky ballads such as Costantino Polis and I Follow Voices.

The music of WA expresses the urgency to find an inner space of peace (Fly To Me), translated into the silence of a moment (Jolie), where the shadows disappear to make room for the light and the myth of the disappeared continent that resurfaces (Nu Lemuriah).

Some songs have been sung in different languages in a contamination of different cultures , (Italian, French, English and Spanish), and also written in collaboration with other artists.

Such as Le Grand Bleu, sung by WA together with the singer and African composer Gabin Dabirè, where the velvety choirs of Palazzoli, Cosimi and Max Dedo are mixed with the voice of Dabirè and the sound of the sea waves crashing on the shore.

A nostalgic and sensual ballad called Breath Again is sung by Eono (aka Paolo Palazzoli) together with the singer/songwriter Mozez Wright ( former front man of the band Zero 7 ). The message of the track is in the hope of a new, vital breath which will never come to an end.

The last duet is with the singer-songwriter Mari Conti (Tell Me Why), a question regarding the deaf egoism of human beings and the possibility of going nowhere without love.

The album ends with Sto Pensando A Te , entirely sung in italian by Paolo Palazzoli. The track speaks about two lovers, their mutual attraction, the wonder and the beauty that they feel while they fall in love each other.

Listening to Blue Thinking takes us away from the reality, just in time to let us join with that secret and intimate place hidden inside all of us. In a mixture of primordial references, tribal rhythms (Vuelart) and electronic sounds. An album that in conceived as a hymn to the regenerative and creative power of life and nature, suspended between the blue of the sky and the sea.



1. Blue Thinking

2. Costantino Polis

3. Le Grand Bleu ( feat Gabin Dabirè)

4. Vuelart ( Extended)

5.I Follow Voices ( Extended) - feat Mari Conti

6. Jolie (Vanchant)

7.Breath Again ( feat Mozez)

8. Believe

9. Nu Lemuriah ( Extended)


10 Tell Me Why ( feat Mari Conti)

11. Fly To Me

12. Pensando A Te


Mozez Wright in “Breath Again” Mari Conti in “Tell Me Why” and “I Follow Voices”.

Max Dedo in “Blue Thinking”,”Jolie” and “ Le Grand Bleu”.

Ezio Spoldi DJ Producer in “I Follow Voices” and “Vuelart”.

Gabin Dabire’ in “Le Grand Bleu”.

Vanchant in “Jolie”.

Tommy Bianchi WSM Mastering.

Claudio Dentes, Alex Trecarichi: co-production in “Blue Thinking” and ”Jolie”.