WA was born in 1998 from the artistic collaboration of its  two founding members Roberto Cosimi (piano and keyboards) and Paolo Palazzoli, aka Eono (vocals, electric bass and guitar, acoustic guitar). Both prolific composers and authors.
 Their first musical production, curated by Feyez ( from italian band Elio E Le Storie Tese), is a multi-ethnic world music project called Zoque Kpolé (Forrest Hill record label), which includes the songs: Tree Ages In One, Vuela Libre and Egg - Message to Humanity.
 In 2003 the album Welcome To Atlantis (Universal) was released, written in collaboration with Max Dedo who shared then with WA also the creation of the world-jazz CD Atmomy (Forrest Hill - 2005).
 From 2003 to 2006 Roberto Cosimi composed and produced two solo piano works: the piano poem La Danza Dell 'Angelo (MAP, Feltrinelli) and the Contemporary Classical Piano Works Vol. 1, distributed by Diladdarno.
In the meanwhile Paolo Palazzoli was searching for electronic sounds that characterised some of his next compositions, featured in the forthcoming album Blue Thinking 

(  due to be released on the 30th September 2019 for uk record label Numen Records): 12 songs  created by WA
 in collaboration with the Anglo-Jamaican singer Mozez Wright, (former front man of the band Zero 7 and at the head of the label ).
 From 2008 to 2011, WA dedicated themselves to the writing of the music and lyrics of the rock opera Peacegames (distributed by Artist First), in which the drummer Elia Micheletto, who boasts in his curriculum also a master with Mike Mangini (Dream Theater) at Barklee College of Music.  And whose personal style,  technical ability combined with artistic creativity will lead Cosimi and Palazzoli  to create with him the album in trio called Archangel (Videoradio - 2016 - SELF).
 The WA trio played in many venues during several tours  in central and south of Italy; In New York at the Blue Note, 55th Bar, Sculler Jazz Club and Wally's Café .
 They also played at Lugano Jazz Festival, Locarno Jazz Festival, Jazzart Festival Crema, Sculler Jazz Club, in Cape Verde Islands, at European Music Festival of Rome, and in several editions of  Panino Day, a tribute to the late Feyez , together with the band Elio E Le Storie Tese.




WA - Archangel ( Videoradio - SELF ) WA

Peacegames Rock Opera  WA

WA - Welcome to Atlantis (Universal)

Atmomy ( Fanzine Srl )

Zoque Kpole (Harmony)

Roberto Cosimi piano solo - La Danza Dell' Angelo ( MAP )

Roberto Cosimi piano solo - Contemporary Classical Piano Solo Works Vol. 1 ( Diladdarno )